Trouble in Hammelwald

Officer's Log
Day 1

I am one of four hired by Hawdwell through the Adventurer’s Guild in Irongate to clear out some old mine shafts in Hammelwald of monsters and bring back whatever valuables located within for 50% cut distributed to the group. We met Finnegan, our driver, and left Irongate and made the 25 mile carriage ride to Hammelwald in 3 hours, arriving a little after seven in the evening. We thanked Finnegan for the ride and went to [The Blunt Broadsword] , the tavern and inn where we to meet Hawdwell’s contact, the Mul Gawthorne. Elvaren and I stayed to hammer down the specifics of our contract, which included:

  • Our room and board at the tavern are paid for by our employer. We share 2 rooms.
  • We are to clear three mine shafts of monsters.
  • We are to bring back all valuables we find.
  • We have been provided a handcart and supplies.
  • The expedition keeps half of what we find, determined by value.
  • We have until winter to finish and we are the exclusive operators of these shafts. Others are working on other shafts.

Before we got deep into the contract negotiations, [Hadaeran] left the tavern, quickly followed by [Bariden]. After the negotiations were concluded we went outside to tell [Hadaeran] that we had rooms, and asked him to tell [Bariden] and then Elvaren and I went to bed.
p. At 8 in the morning, the three of us save [Bariden] ate breakfast in the tavern. With [Bariden] nowhere to be found, we decide to make our way without him. Leaving the tavern we see what appears to be a bloodstains and drag marks leading to the local guardhouse. As we near the guardhouse, a rock flies through a window and we hear [Bariden] yelling to be released. [Hadaeran] convinces us that we do need [Bariden]‘s help. We enter the guardhouse to find our companion yelling and hear from the guard that he had apparently decided to break the wheel of Finnegan’s cart. The stable boy apparently caught him red handed and gave him a good thrashing. The guard told us that bail was 20 gold pieces, to which [Hadaeran] immediately caved and payed.

Officer’s Log
Varidin Torunn
6th of Mid Year

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